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5 LED lighting ideas to spark your living room

5 LED lighting ideas to spark your living room

iLite Team
6 minute read

You can put together a space to be proud of, with a few key elements, that will really impact the way you feel and interact within it— and great lighting is one of them! From wall colour to artwork and furnishings, the flick of a switch will instantly transform how everything looks. If you're ready to take your living room to the next level with the perfect LED fixture, discover these following 5 LED lighting ideas and get inspired!

1. Embrace minimalistic chic with a LED glass pendant lighting

Glass is a natural material that enhances the crisp, smooth ambience of a minimalist environment. Glass cleverly allows your space to receive even more brightness throughout the room and has a beautiful reflective quality that creates a layered look — especially when styled with LED bulbs.

Led lighting ideas Glass pendant lights have created a beautiful and artistic focal point in this dream kitchen. Coloured glass in natural daylight can also enhance the space further.

Glass can be used very effectively to create a modern, welcoming environment. With a warm light choice, you can bathe your room in a relaxing glow or keep it crisp and fresh with a bright white. Whether it’s 10 am or 5 pm, glass will reflect sunlight and other light sources throughout the day, keeping constant interest and maximum brightness.


If you are looking for Scandi-feel with a chic touch, we recommend a clear, colourless glass, as it will match perfectly with the popular neutral colour scheme of this style.


2. Create the perfect luxury modern interior with a contemporary LED chandelier


Chandeliers and living rooms were made for each other! Romantic, stylish or modern, chandeliers are a striking light feature that transform your room in a special space.


Chandeliers radiate light, brighten a large area and create a centrepiece in the room. They don't have to be all glitz and glamour—modern pieces have a playful twist. Think angular metallic stems, crystal clear LED light or clusters of filament bulbs suspended from spidery cables.


Led lighting ideas for living room

There's no denying the majestic presence of a sculptural suspension light such as the example shown in this image. The LED bulbs in each of the individual globes provide perfectly diffused illumination throughout the room. LED lights can come in almost any colour temperature, so you can choose the fixture that best compliments your style and space while providing the necessary amount of light.

Try three to five bulbs suspended over a side table or in a cosy corner, or an even larger group for an impressive feature over a central table. 


For an estimation on the size of chandelier needed for your room, as a general rule of thumb, you can add the length and the width of a room together (works best in feet) and convert the result into inches to indicate the ideal diameter.


Example, for a room 8m x 5m;

8m = approx 26 ft

5m = approx 16 ft

26ft + 16ft = 42ft

Convert to 42 inches which is approx 1m diameter

And, not forget to install a dimmer switch to be able to switch up the atmosphere and set the mood.

3. Add a pop of colour with a metallic LED lighting

Unusual designs are very effective in a modern living room, so go all-out on dramatic shapes and unusual fixtures. Bulbous shades are a modern classic, plus they are a great stand-in for overhead lights.

From luxe high-shine copper to pared-back brushed brass, metallics are having a big moment. If you are looking to add some colour and outstanding sparkle in your space there is always a metallic fixture that would suit, no matter your interior style.

Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room

Light fittings in copper and brass add warmth to your space for all the cosy feels. Choose silver and chrome for a futuristic look. Alternatively, copper or brass foil-lined shades create a more understated glow. 

Try slim, elegant wall-mounts which have table lamps in matching styles, to give your room a glow-up without overwhelming the space and still leaving room for the sofa!

4. Let it shine with a statement LED Lighting 

Why choose between form or function when you can get both by opting for a sculptural light that looks more like a piece of art than a light source.

Everyone in ilite loves the large statement lighting pieces. We imagine them in entrance halls or as a dramatic statement in a stairwell or over a dining table. Try experimenting with how the light interacts with materials like crystal, steel and even ceramic, to get the most out of the space. 

The slim profile and flexible design of LED lights make it possible for more avant-garde lighting designs. Look at combining modern design with natural elements, such as the curved shape of a light or using natural materials, for a unique and artful aesthetic.

Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room

The starburst is one of our favourite statement led lightings. Its design is inspired by elements in the night sky. Made from carefully crafted steel, this light looks stunning in an open space and is perfect for adding that unique, vibrant spark that we look for when designing your space.

5. Mix it up with LED decorative lighting to create zones and highlight interesting features of the space 

A successful lighting design combines a number of light sources at different levels of the room. 

Cleverly positioned lighting at different levels creates layers of light which can be used together or separately for a flexible space. This distribution also allows you to have designated zones in your living space, supporting a multi-functional room. This works really well with open plan rooms where relaxing and dining room flows in one, or where you wish to highlight a special feature in a space.

Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room

Try angled or concertina lighting to highlight reading areas or workspaces. Directional spotlights are great for illuminating a gallery-style shelving display or your favourite piece of artwork.

If you have a dark corner such as an alcove, a lamp can prove invaluable. This helps to brighten the space, make the room feel bigger and add depth. It can also create a cosy corner full of character as the shadows play with the space!  See the difference between directing the light beam slightly into the alcove, or shining it directly outwards, and see which you prefer!

Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room
Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room Led lighting ideas for living room


Let us help!

If you’re finding it hard to choose a style, or don’t know which is the best option for your home, get in touch - we would love to discuss your lighting requirements and help you find the perfect piece for your space!



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