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Guide: How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps

Guide: How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps

iLite Team
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As long as you can get to the ceiling void from above without too much hassle, and you have the right tools at hand, fitting a ceiling light is a simple task. In this article, we will guide through the process of how to fit a ceiling light correctly and safely. Even if you've never tackled an electrical project before, you will be able to install your new ceiling fixture like a pro by following these 3 DIY steps;

First Things First: Make sure you have the right light fitting for your room

We all know how important lighting is for creating a beautiful, functional space. The right lighting will promote productivity, provide a comfortable atmosphere, define areas and draw people together.

Lighting also affects how we perceive textures and colours and manipulates the overall feel of a space; maybe more than any other design element. And then there's the simple fact that light fixtures can be the defining focal point in a room - it's no wonder that putting a lighting scheme together can feel a touch daunting! The best place to start is with your specific needs; What is the height of your ceiling and how are you planning to use the space? Think about colour and form, the shape of the shade and how you want your ceiling fixture to be positioned.

Fortunately, finding hight-quality lightings to fit your lighting needs is not that difficult. Here at iLite, there are so many choices on offer that the choosing would be the only tricky part! From Galaxi Lighting to Blossom, Lava and more, there are plenty of top designs and delight you!  

How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps

Let's get started: Fitting a ceiling light

Residential ceiling lights may look confusing by being in many different shapes and styles, however, the common feature is that they all hang by two screws. These screws attach the fixture base to the outlet box or a mounting strap in the outlet box.

Don't panic about the wiring, it's actually simple. You may see several wires passing through the box, but you only have to deal with three wires: a coloured wire (usually black), a white wire, and a green ground wire. These three wires are joined together with twist-on wire connectors.

Step 1: Switch off the main power at the consumer unit

Make sure the power is off.

Before disconnecting the wiring, use a socket tester (or voltage tester for lighting circuits) to confirm the circuits are dead and it's safe to work on.

Switching off the light at the light switch does not isolate the electricity to the ceiling rose or light fitting. You must switch off the required circuit at the fuse box - if you are not sure which one it is just switch off the main power.

Step 2: Remove the old fixture and disconnect the wiring

First, remove any light shades and bulbs from the fixture. Unscrew the screws or remove the nuts holding the fixture base to the ceiling box and lower the fixture.Inspect the junction box and locate the three wires you need.

There should be a black "hot" wire, a white "neutral" wire and a green or bare "ground wire". Remove the electrical tape or wire nuts from each of them.

Step 3: Connect the new ceiling light

Reconnect the same wires to the new fixture by matching the colours or as recommended by the lighting manufacturer guide in the box - use wire nuts.

Check that the wires are tight in the terminals by gently giving them a pull. When you are satisfied they are secure, fold the conductors into the ceiling box and slide in the new base plate so that you can screw the new bolts through it, to attach it to the mounting strap.

Make sure no wires become trapped when it is positioned. Put in the light bulbs and accessories, restore the power and enjoy your new centrepiece!

Pro Tips:

✔️ Ask someone to be your assistant! After you loosen the screws holding the existing fixture to the ceiling box, you will find you have your hands full holding the fixture and trying to work on the wires.

✔️ Sometimes it can help to have a head torch handy! - something we find useful when doing electricals!

✔️ Before starting any work read and follow the manufacturer's instructions to get the best out of your purchase.

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How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps How to fit your new ceiling light in 3 steps


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