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How to install 3D wall panels

How to install 3D wall panels

iLite Team
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3D wall panels are used in cutting edge interior design, transforming ordinary walls into dramatic surfaces. They provide a spectacular finish while saving you money on alternative decor.

The 3D panels come in a variety of textures, designs and patterns which are carved into the surface to give a dramatic 3D finish. Their versatility allows us to play around with both interior and exterior walls and create memorable focus points. They are also a fantastic way to provide a backdrop to your media/TV devices, artwork or retail fit-outs, with the ability to drill fixtures onto it while concealing cables behind.

3D panels add an extra dimension to your room and can enhance your furniture, ceilings and fireplaces.

Are you ready to take your space to another level? We have you covered, whether your style is edgy, rustic or contemporary sophistication, with our latest 3D wall panel collection !

If you are all hands to action we have prepared a detailed guide that will give you all the DIY steps to successfully install your 3D wall panels.

Getting Started

There are many ways to install 3D panels depending on the panel design you might want to install it to suit your own tastes, as the panels can be fixed symmetrically, vertically or horizontally. Play around with the options to confirm the final look, before getting the glue out!

Tools and materials you will need

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Pencil
  • Scalpel/scissors or utility knife
  • Paintable caulking or sealant
  • Long ruler
  • Scraber
  • Spirit-level


  • Clean the wall surface - the wall surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free of dust, grease, wax, etc.
  • Smooth out any bumps on the wall
  • Patch up any large holes on the wall
  • Clean the back surface of the panel by wiping it with a clean cloth

Choose a suitable adhesive

The type of adhesive will depend on the type of panel chosen and location. Please check the chart below to determine which variety you need for your project;

How to install 3D wall panels

3D wall panel installation

1. Measure the area due to be installed with 3D wall panels

Settle a middle line to keep the panels on the same level

2. Draw lines to locate each piece of the panel on the wall

When installing, for example, a 500 x 500mm panel, starting from the middle line, draw lines in size of 501 x 501mm

3. Apply glue and stick the panel to the wall

Apply glue on the panel back following the guidelines according to the glue chosen in the section above.

4. Knock-Knock

After installing a panel, lightly knock and press on the corners of the panel to ensure the panel has attached to the wall firmly, and eliminate air bubbles.

5. Cutting

When there is not enough space to install one complete piece of a panel, carefully mark the shape required onto the panel and cut to suit the space.

6. Filling the gaps

After all the panels are installed, fill the gaps between each panel with joint mixture using the filler.

7. Frame the edge

If desired apply a frame around the edge of the wall.

8. Cleaning

If the panels get dirty during the installation, wipe the panels with a soft cloth using mild detergent and water.

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