Beneath The Shade

Beneath The Shade: The art of Schonbek Lighting


Schonbek chandeliers are an art unto themselves. The brand crest was awarded to founder Adolph Schonbek by former Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg. It has stood as a marker of the highest quality in luxury lighting for nearing a century and a half.


Every Schonbek piece is designed with permanence in mind, also striving to create a timeless quality that continues to shine through the generations. But what really makes this brand remarkable is that all their products are made to order. The brand offer more than 50,000 options when it comes to styles, crystal types, and finishes. Each design is completed by hand, making every Shonbek product completely unique.


Balancing craftsmanship and also precision, Schonbek bring their artistic designs to life with uncompromising excellence. Using crystal of the finest quality, these designs are custom crafted for your setting. The brand offer hand-cut crystal for a classic feel and also machine-cut crystal for a perfectly defined shine. No other name has stood the test of time with quite such distinct class.


These products are produced in-house at the company’s location in Plattsburgh, U.S.A. Schonbek designs are constructed by a team that – over the brand’s long history – have developed nearing 200 patented technologies. The brand have shaped the crystal lighting industry to an impressive extent. There is no name more highly sought after in luxury lighting.


The brand have pieces in locations as prestigious as Buckingham Palace and also the White House. They’re also working in collaboration with designers and architects to produce products for commercial and residential sites. Schonbek designs are created with a peerless flexibility. They strive to bring an air of glamour and also a sense of awe to any location.

We are official partners and stockists of Schonbek in the United Kingdom. Their prestigious collection of designs can be viewed here at i-lite Lighting.