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Bright Spark

Bright Spark: Stefan Gant

“While one might not necessarily think of architecture and lighting as a compatible pair,I try to masterfully merges the two. Since moving to Berlin and establishing my label GANTlights in 2012, I have continuously handcrafted luminaries which playfully mix experimental forms and materials such as concrete and gold, resulting in a stunning aesthetic contrast” – Stefan Gant

Stefan Gant is the founding architect behind contemporary luxury lighting brand GANTlights. The German designer creates architecturally inspired minimalist design luminaries using highly contrasting materials such as raw concrete and gold, merging them together to create an aesthetic contrast that proves to be as stunning as it is sublime.

The drive to design his own lamps is something that Gant discovered and first started to pursue in Berlin. Working meticulously from the get go, in the years that have passed since his first inspiration struck Gant’s efforts have never ceased to pay off.

“80 kilogrammes of concrete ended up in the bin because the mixture was not coherent and the material could not be used anymore,” Gant recalls of the creation process behind the construction of his very first lamp design.

GANTlights offers individual lamps with architectural influences in small quantities. This is a brand that continues to push the boundaries and continues to expand. Their esteem is clear, with awards to their name such as the German Design Award Special.