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Get ready for Design Miami / Basel

The luxury lighting industry is one that’s constantly evolving. As such, it’s also an industry that continuously offers opportunities for these evolutions and advancements to be showcased, highlighting, celebrating, and inspiring everything it continues to offer.

Returning later this month for its thirteenth edition, Design Miami / Basel is a presentation of curated design, talks, gallery presentations, installations, satellites, collaborations, and exclusive events.

“At a time when the pace of our lives seems to be ever increasing, from the news cycle to social media updates, it feels like an opportune moment to take a step back, to appreciate the qualities inherent in good design,” the Chief Creative Officer of Design Miami / Basel comments, “to notice how function, beauty, and materiality affect the ways in which we engage with each other and with the world at large.”

Indeed, Design Miami / Basel proves itself year after year as an event with an ever more enticing sense of character and excitement. Not only that, but it’s an occasion that continues to grow not only in popularity but in size to boot.

“As knowledge about and interest in collectible design continues to grow, we’re looking forward to welcoming a wider range of international buyers and attendees to our Basel edition this summer,” the Chief Executive Officer, Design Miami / Basel enthuses.

This year will see Design Miami / Basel welcome forty-seven of the most distinguished and celebrated design galleries from thirteen different countries across the globe, five of which will be making their debut at the event. Over the course of the event, these galleries will present exhibitions of collectible designs that are available for acquisition.

Among the already celebrated names, the five galleries making their debut will include Caterina Tognon of Venice, Galerie Mitterrand of Paris, Galerie Regis Mathieu of Paris,Side Gallery of Barcelona, and The Future Perfect of Los Angeles / New York / San Francisco.

Showcasing some of the most iconic in rare and unique furniture, lighting, and pieces of art Design Miami / Basel is truly a unique event in the world of luxury design and creation. Every year the occasion hosts Design At Large, a large scale historical and contemporary design curated by a different global tastemaker year on year.

A site of discovery for visitors, the thirteenth edition will see Design Miami / Basel’s iconic showcase Design At Large present – as it has become celebrated for doing – a selection of works that explore a particular theme inspired by current topics in design.

This year’s edition of Design At Large will be an ambitious installation envisioned by renowned photographer François Halard. Known for his distinctive portrayal of interior spaces and architecture, Halard has taken distinctive images of the houses, gardens, ateliers, and architectural masterpieces of personalities all around the world, all created and presented with a characteristic sense of patience and beauty that marks his work out as visionary.

“I am thrilled to have been invited to curate the Design at Large exhibition at Design Miami / Basel this June,”Halard introduces. “Design in all its forms has been part of my life since childhood, integrating and affecting all aspects of my practice. With the exhibition, I am particularly interested in exploring notions of time and how time impacts design, the creative process and our lives.”