Get Acquainted With Contemporary Lighting

A guide to contemporary lighting

If you are a fan of current trends in art and decor, you are sure to like ever-evolving contemporary design, which borrows elements from many other aesthetics of the later part of the last century. Despite a common misconception that “modern” interiors are cold and minimalist, in reality they tend to be both comfortable and welcoming.

It is worth mentioning that ‘contemporary’ as a word means something that is belonging to or occurring in the present. That is why even some designs considered contemporary in the 2000s are now referred to as vintage. Even in five or ten years the way it looks and feels may slightly change.

Contemporary lighting style is usually characterized by the use of neutral, masculine colours, a mixture of straight and curved lines, extensive use of texture, etc. These interiors prefer to show themselves in calm and collected maturity, with nothing glaringly reminiscent or futuristic. In such interiors open space is often just as important as what fills it, so super decorative items are omitted to preserve simplicity and cleanliness of contemporary forms.

As far as contemporary lighting is concerned, to bring it into your interior you should apply some basic principles and recommendations. As windowed walls are commonly used in such spaces, you should take an opportunity to bring daylight into the room. Let’s also take a look at what you can do with other options.

Contemporary Lighting Dinning Room

Use ambient lighting to fill a major part of the room. Think of it like a foundation of your lighting plan. To accomplish it you can use chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mount fixtures, track or recessed lights, and even table and floor lamps.

In order to bring attention to some details such as houseplants, paintings, sculptures use accent lighting. Picture lights, wall-mounted-fixtures or track lighting are common, and dimmers are often used on these features to provide mood lighting. it is important not to turn accent lighting into focal point as it should work without being seen.

You should also use task lighting to assist you in things like reading, studying, cooking or applying makeup. It can be everything from floor, table, and desk lamps to pendant lighting. Effective task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows in order to enhance visual clarity and prevent eyestrain,

Preferably, you should include at least one lighting element from each category. Try choosing shapely fixtures made of metals or which include, for instance, chrome or nickel finishes that work well with the lines in your furniture.

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