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A Guide To: Dining Room Lighting

While its primary function may be for educating guests, the dining room remains as one of the most important rooms in the home. it has developed into a space intended for daily use, from chores through work to activities. Because of its varied and adaptable use, it is very important to get the lighting design right in order to maintain a balance between traditional hosting function and contemporary use as a frequented common area.

Here at iLite, our staff have an expertise in luxury lighting, and they are on hand assist you in the quest to find the perfect lighting solution as best suits you. When it comes to dining room lighting, there are a few different tips you should consider.

Setting the mood: whether being used to host dinner parties or being used as a work area, it’s important that the room’s lighting meets its multi functional standards. For example, brighter lighting might be suitable for working sessions, while more ambient lighting can be better suited when entertaining guests. Ideally, what a dining room wants is a luxury lighting design capable of lending itself to either occasion, be that setting the mood or providing adequate task lighting. This can be achieved with dimmable designs, energy efficient LEDs, or halogen bulbs, for example. An alternative option is through the installation of shaded or indirectly aimed recess lighting in addition to a central fixture. As with any room, layering luxury lighting offers the best of both worlds.

Scaling to proportion: visual balance is important in a room. The more balanced a setting, the more enjoyable it can be to spend time there. This rule applies to not only size, but also to shape. Think about whether you want your lighting fixture to compliment or contrast with your furniture, as this will direct your choice of design.

Finding your style: Much as when scaling to proportion, think about if you want the design of your lighting fixture to compliment or contrast with your room and your furniture. Are you looking for traditional or contemporary? Would you prefer a crystal design or one crafted from metal?

All of these are questions to consider, and here at iLite our friendly staff are on hand to help.