Introducing: Flos’ Outdoor collection

Having made their name with some of the most cutting edge contemporary designs in the lighting industry, Flos are one of the most established brands around. Their products are designed to sit at the forefront of current technologies, innovating in their style, in their construction, and in their use.

It’s a vibrant world this brand create for themselves, one that constantly pushes itself to be the very best that it can be. So of course it was only natural that building from the success of their existing ranges and collections of contemporary lighting solutions, Flos would go on to expand those capabilities with a collection of outdoor lighting that embodies all the same qualities and values.

Flos Outdoor is a new collection created to illuminate open spaces through a new language, finding balance both by hiding in the natural landscape behind discrete objects, and by conversing with the architecture through designs with a unique identity.

This new outdoor collection from Flos Lighting is divided into several distinct categories: in ground lights, bollards, pendant lights, special lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, and floor lights.

Working as always with the best creatives on the international stage, for this collection Flos Lighting draw on the advanced technology and proven experience in lighting and waterproof engineering provided by Ares, a company new to the Group.

With the addition of this collection to their already impressive lighting range, Flos Lighting is already considered as leader in outdoor lighting. Venturing forwards with a newfound expertise rooted in years of  on this new adventure with the same innovative design spirit that has made us a leader on the international design stage.