Introducing: Pieter Adam’s philosophy


An alternative to volatile, temporary, and trendy mass production techniques, Pieter Adam’s lighting designs are crafted with the utmost delicacy. Purveyors of craftsmanship and expertise, offering products that boast both quality and durability with no compromise made on exclusivity, these designs are among the most highly prized in the lighting industry.

A few years ago the brand began placing a new line of lighting in their studio. This new range of designs was conceived as an alternative to the volatile, temporary and trendy mass production items available everywhere. The brand’s main focus was, and still remains, concepts simple to comprehend but elusive to attain with such grace – elusive to anyone else, that is.

The concepts that integral to the Pieter Adam’s philosophy from the very origins of the brand right up to this day are those of quality and exclusivity with durability. Craftsmanship and expertise are also positioned highly on the company’s priority list.

With a clean slate and full of ideas the brand began to forge the Pieter Adam Collection with the key words ‘contemporary’, ‘exclusive’, and ‘stylish’ serving as the main design focus. And that’s exactly what the company created. Every detail and every piece was carefully thought out – absolutely nothing was left to chance.

Quality through expertise is the Pieter Adam’s ethos. The company’s many years of experience with bronze founders, glass blowers, granite refiners, silk weavers, and all manner of artisan craftsmen is what enables their highly skilled team to make the special limited edition pieces the brand have become known for.

Perfection is paramount in the Pieter Adam Collection. From silk chords to the metal housing for each fitting, a Pieter Adam piece is assembled with scrutiny and passion. Every design is created to instil a characteristic effect to any setting, as a showpiece in your interior that radiates with an international splendour.