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News Flash: National Housing Federation Housing Exhibition comes to Birmingham

Birmingham isn’t automatically the first place everyone thinks of when they think of lighting. While the connotations might not be obvious, when you start to get to know the industry is becomes apparent that Birmingham lighting is actually a pretty big deal. The city is home to a number of lighting events throughout the year.

One such event is the National Housing Federation Housing Exhibition. The UK’s number one exhibition for decision makers from housing associations, this exhibition provides the platform for forward thinking professionals to create and grow new ideas for their organisations.

Free to attend, the event takes place alongside the Annual Conference, Asset Management And Maintenance Conference, and Young Leaders Experience. This gives attendees the chance to network with more people than ever before.

This year’s event takes place at the ICC in Birmingham between the 19th – 20th September. Here brands will demonstrate the latest advances in lighting technologies, showcasing such things as how new technology is increasing performance and reducing the operating costs associated with lighting social housing complexes.

This exhibition will give attendees the chance to understand how proven methods of ensuring weather and vandal resistance can be combined with flexible design, and to discover how removable gear trays ensure future technology upgrades can be installed in a matter of seconds, among other industry pushing advances.

The National Housing Federation Housing Exhibition is a chance to see where the lighting industry is heading, a chance to understand the advances, and a chance to find further inspiration for the future.