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News Flash: Studio Italia Design shares new designs


Founded in the Italian city of Venice in 1950 by the legendary Angelo Tosetto, Studio Italia Design has since become one of the world’s premier modern lighting brands, with a strong emphasis on its contemporary designs and “Made in Italy” roots. Only the finest materials are used in Studio Italia lighting sculptures, from the world famous hand blown Murano glass to premium metals for the finishing touches.

Studio Italia Design represents a perfect blend of quality, form and function. And it is because of these qualities that Studio Italia lighting sculptures are used by world renowned architects and designers. The brand has recently unveiled a series of new designs, created to innovate as much as they are to impress.


Designer: Chia-Ying Lee

“Imagine a midsummer day, the warm wind blow carrying spices and perfumes, soap bubbles floating in the air and a softness that enchants and communicates with nature,” the design depicts. “They seem to dance to the sound of the reeds moved by the wind, rolling, swaying … with a simplicity that fascinates at first sight. They are moving, come together forming compositions of soap bubbles and lit from the sun’s rays create magnificent lighting effects.”

This is Random. Transmitting the spell of a sunkissed daze through bright transparent spheres and precious chrome, this light is instilled with a light hearted nature and a sense of serenity that’s capable of leaving anyone in awe.


Designer: Andrea Tosetto

With a name born from Studio Italia Design’s desire to express a continuous technological improvement in the very essence of everything they created, the light of Nautilus is as highly versatile as it is functional. Fusing cutting edge technologies with clean lines, the design is rooted in strength.

At once expressive and functional, Nautilus is inspired by submarines. Combining a refined aesthetic with minimal and unmistakable design, this is a light with a personality and a power that can’t be forced or faked.


Designer: Andrea Tosetto

“The wind was blowing. No. Not just blowing; crying. It was messing everything up, blowing off the caps of life,” Studio Italia Design portray of the inspiration for this design. “I decided to move far away as everything felt too tight here. There, in that moment, while everything seemed to lose form, something was persistent.”

Inspired by “a perfect figure, unchanged, in front of life’s debacle, fighting its own private war against what was by then a full-blown storm,” the design takes its name from a hat, steadfast in the wind, that initially sparked the inspiration for the product.