Spotlight: Foscarini’s Behive


A leading name in contemporary lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting strives to be “free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives.” A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops, and produces “not just lamps but pure emotions,” this brand stands out from the crowd with unmistakable character. Exploring an entire world of materials and solutions, Foscarini Lighting is a designing and technological tour de force.

Foscarini Lighting have always focused on developing new products, but the only ones that make it past the development stage are the ones that express new ideas. These designs are imagined and created in collaboration with designers from all around the world.

One of their most iconic natural inspirations can be witnessed in the stunning design of Behive. As the name suggests, this luxury lighting fixture is crafted to recall the shape and sight of a beehive. It’s both portly and sensual at the same time as being stylish.

The Behive’s characteristic shape was created by an overlapping sequence of rings, starting at the small base, from which the lamp appears to take off. Owing to the particular shape and tilt of the rings, the light source is not directly visible from any perspective, thereby enhancing the appeal of the lamp.

The Behive offers a lighting effect that is both soft and inimitable, turning the design into more than just its function, but also a true decorative ornament. A piece of artisan design in its own right, its crafted with a unique sense of allure.

Charming and magical when it is on, Behive turns into a poetic, domestic sculpture when it is turned off, revealing its dual, reversible nature: white turns black, light becomes shadow. This product stirs a unique emotion, perfect to distinguish an important, intimate setting, or to top a cabinet, a table or even the floor.