Spotlight: LEDS-C4’s Juncus


Continuing to build from over forty years worth of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of luxury lighting solutions, LEDS-C4 is one of the most revered sources of contemporary luxury lighting around.

This is a brand that operates in 140 countries around the world, serving more than 13000 customers on an international basis. The company operates in all lighting segments, both indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial alike.

Their mission is simple: to take light, an element resplendent in its own power, and use t=it to generate feelings and emotions. “There is no architecture without light,” they state on their company website. And sure enough, they’re right.

LEDS c4’s Juncus range is considered to be among the highest level of outdoor visual comfort. This is a design with practicality, but also with finesse and with grace. This is a design with character, purposefully created to bring a sense of that personality to light in your setting or as a part of your lighting project.

Offering such a high level of outdoor visual comfort, this design is truly one of a kind. The Juncus is a spotlight with a zoom lens system that remains unobtrusive, hidden within the cylindrical body of the luminaire.

The positioning of this zoom lens system allows for the manual adjustment of the halo light aperture, all while remaining unobtrusive to the overall design, it’s sense of character, and it’s stunning effect.

The Juncus range boasts a minimalist design. The fixture’s brown finish and versatile height positioning enable it to not only mimic the surroundings it is placed within and blend in perfectly with the landscape, but also enable it to adapt and adjust as your lighting needs see fit.