Spotlight: Mantra Lighting’s Infinity


An internationally recognised manufacturer of designer luxury low energy lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting is leading the way in energy saving lighting design. The brand has over 1000 products to their name. Creating a unique identity with every range of products, the brand has developed a sense of character that never loses its appeal.

This sense of character is something the company further with every new design they create. An illuminated line without a beginning or an end, Infinity is a light with a luxury and grace as unending as its structure.

Based on an already existing Mantra Lighting collection, Nur, the fixtures in the Infinity lighting collection are as pure as they are minimalist, elegant lines held in suspension to create a product that truly feels magical.

The Infinity design is available in a varying range of shapes and sizes. It is available as a chandelier, a ceiling light, and a table lamp.
As effective as they are enchanting, these fixtures can be used in isolation or collaboration to bring a sense of artistry to any setting.

Profiled in chrome with a polycarbonate mat diffuser, the materials used to create Infinity both realise and adapt to the design’s many curves and turns, bringing the structure to life with an innate grace.

Infinity is available in two different finishes: one is silver combined chrome with a 3000K LED, perfectly suited to contemporary or more avant garde atmospheres. The second is brown oxide with a warm 2800K light, ideal for more classic, rustic, or ambient settings.