Spotlight: Swarovski’s Active Panel


Swarovski Lighting have always stood at the forefront of the luxury lighting industry. One way in which that is demonstrably evident is in the number of award they’ve won. One such award is the Red Dot Award. These awards have global recognition as a symbol of standout quality and innovation. Any product that attains one of these awards is added straight to the Red Dot Museum’s permanent collection.

Made from 200000 crystals and backlist using special LED lights, Swarovski Lighting’s Active Panel is a recipient of this award. Named due to its open nature, with an innovative uncovered structure that allows the crystals to be touched, the Active Panel is a feat of majesty.

An additional special feature is its modular design. When used freely in various combinations, a wide variety of color mixes, patterns, and shapes can be created. This taps into an increasing trend for customizable interior architecture, and, given that lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room, it makes finding what works for you so much easier.

“It not only offers exceptional light refraction, but the innovative open structure allows the crystals’ texture to be touched and felt, too,” Simon Grubinger describes of his design. “Feeling is an important experience for many people—for instance, I need to touch things to be able to understand them completely.”

The thirty-eight member jury were obviously impressed too, stating that “the stunning design and modular concept of these glass panels offers exciting decorative possibilities for the world of interior design.”