Spotlight: Swarovski’s El Sol


Swarovski Lighting have been at the forefront of luxury lighting since the company was founded. With the summer season nearing ever closer, the brand have partnered with Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair to bring to life an awe inspiring 3D representation of the sun to a new audience at Zona Maco in Mexico City. This is El Sol.

Originally created by Mexico’s Fernando Romero Enterprise (FR-EE) for Design Miami in 2015, El Sol is an installation inspired by nature’s mathematical patterns and the sacred geometry used by the ancient Aztects and Mayans to construct their pyramids. Drawing inspiration from nature and history, the design is something new and unique from a brand that has long been seated at the dazzling forefront of contemporary lighting technologies.

The enormous geodesic structure is designed to scale, and is one billion times smaller than the sun. Constructed using 2880 custom made Swarovski crystals, El Sol is lit by a core of LEDs, the shimmering materials refracting enough fiery brilliant to almost throw the real thing into the shade.

With an Aurora Borealis coating and a myriad of internal facets, El Sol evokes the sun’s gaseous moving terrain to an extraordinary effect. Over 350 hours of engineering went into this magnificent creation’s construction, with three months spent on design and technical development at Swarovski Lighting HQ.

El Sol currently stands in its birthplace of Wattens in Austria, bringing the light of the sun to the Alpines.