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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski Climate Week

Posted on September 26 2017

Swarovski are known for creating the most beautiful and expensive crystal in the world. Turning a timeless material into contemporary designs, they remain at the top of the luxury lighting game.

The brand was born in 1891 from the dream of Daniel Swarovski. That dream was to create “a diamond for everyone”. Inventing a machine that could cut diamond more accurately than ever before in order to bring that dream to life, Daniel laid the foundation for a company that prides itself on market leading engineering and one of a kind handiwork.

Perhaps more famed for their jewellery and accessories, Swarovski have built from a long-standing history to stand ahead of trends. Keeping ethics and integrity as the core company values, the family-run business boasts an unrivalled expertise, capable of bringing an air of glamour to any location.

And it's not just in their glamour that Swarovski Lighting excel. This is a brand that strive to give back to the world they're a part of, not only in preserving it but in bettering it for generations to come. They do this through a number of different initiatives.

Supporting the development of the world is a crucial value for Swarovski. So it comes as no surprise that the band have dedicated some of that support to Climate Week NYC. Taking place alongside the UN General Assembly, the occasion brings together over 100 affiliate events in New York City.

Swarovski’s commitment to a sustainable business model empowers colleagues across production and process engineering to collaborate regularly to develop new solutions and decrease the company’s ecological footprint in response to the global water crises.