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A Guide To: contemporary chandeliers

Posted on December 27 2016

Think of luxury chandeliers and more often than not the image conjured up is strikingly traditional. This image is typically ornate, perhaps adorned with crystals or designed to look as if illuminated by candles. This idea of what a chandelier is carries inferences of elegance, class, and distinguished taste. But it's not the only guise a chandelier can take.

Chandeliers draw on influence from everything as varied as nature, industry, and history. They are inspired by anything from trinkets to technologies. Modern and contemporary chandeliers can take almost any size or shape. They illuminate a setting with an ever increasing array of effects.

Designed challenging the notion of what chandeliers look like, Swarovski's Blossom is a perfect example of a contemporary chandelier.

Schonbek's Vesca is just one design that embodies all the elegance of a classic chandelier. It does this while providing illumination through the pendant lights that make up the products structure.

Forsaking the imagery of traditional chandeliers completely, designs such as Studio Italia's Nuvola instill the same awe as more traditional chandeliers with a wholly contemporary class.

Subverting classic structures, or presented in a new guise entirely, these designs often toy with the template image of what a chandelier is and appears like. They do so in a way that presents the product in a new light.