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Beneath The Shade: Boca Do Lobo define their heritage

Posted on January 26 2018

Boca Do Lobo are firm in their belief that there is no secret recipe for success, much less for creativity. According to the brand, "everything is taught, gained, or improved through practice and experience." Their ethos goes on to state that as humans, "our prime difference from all other creatures is the ability to learn feelings, memories, or histories. Nothing disappears, everything is rooted in the unconscious, to be displayed unexpectedly due course of the lifetime." It's this inherent mindfullness that is able to naturally generate the steps to the creative process. Boca Do Lobo believe that it is the designer’s responsibility to identify - and at the same time fulfil - the customer’s needs. This doesn't necessarily refer to the essential needs of human beings. The brand view spaces as a personal diary, and so their aim is to create products that meet and project all the needs, desires and expectations of their customers. While embracing a new idea, the problems and challenges start immediately when your idea attempts to gain shape and weight. Capturing the details and the peculiarities of the materials, sometimes standing on the tables and other times laying forgotten or thrown away in a corner is one of the crucial steps of Boca do Lobo’s creative journey. Trust and confidentially are two of the values that the brand gives great attention to. This close relationship with customers, the ability to transform the relationships into opportunities of learning, provides the best advice and later on the best ideas for the designers. The customers quite often sculpt the best structures of the brand. “Always lead, never follow” is Boca Do Lobo's daily refrain. This is a brand that refuse to accept any boundaries between the possible and impossible. A lot of their products would be just sketched desires if the brand wouldn’t challenge itself. There isn’t a greater satisfaction than to exceed everyone’s expectations, so this is exactly what Boca Do Lobo strive to do.