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Beneath The Shade: Boca Do Lobo's interior design projects

Posted on November 10 2017

For Boca Do Lobo, furniture is an emotional experience exclusive to every individual, capable of inspiring a state of mind and a sense of belonging like nothing else. The brand strive to encourage these experiences to be sensational, and they achieve this by creating beautiful pieces of design. Inspired and handcrafted by a passionate team who love what they do, envisioned and constructed in Boca Do Lobo’s home of Portugal, these products are created with experience in mind, the feeling of exclusivity woven into their very fabric. Boca Do Lobo’s designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces that stir an emotion in their admirers. Their team has established an artisan’s wisdom, accumulated over years of experience and instilled with love and dedication – all of which is made apparent in the art that they perform. It's a long process that brings Boca Do Lobo's designs to life, transposing a single pencil drawing into a piece of fully functional state of the art furniture. The brand recently shared some insight into that process, and how they bring their interior design projects into being. "We try to imagine each piece in every possible setting: how they’d look with a certain chair, a fine painting, an expensive bottle of champagne," the describe. "How people will interact with them, what will they combine them with and the emotions they will stir, all of that crosses our minds for a long, long period, and yet every time we look at photographies from an interior architecture project with one of our beloved pieces, we can’t help but feel amazed by the sheer creative power of the people involved in the whole interior architecture process." "This is a tribute to our trade," the continue, "and a tribute to those who create beautiful spaces that people truly enjoy, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do."