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Beneath The Shade: Boca Do Lobo's design

Posted on January 26 2018

Boca Do Lobo consider the design process to be an inspiring way to create and tell unique stories. The complexity of detail that goes into bringing an idea to life, the strong features displayed, the classic heritage embodied, and the audacity that every piece can take is mind-blowing. When it comes to creativity, there is no limit. For this brand, passion is everything. If they don't love what they do, how can they expect anyone else to? It is for this reason the company have cultivated a team of dedicated individuals who live for what they do, working together to bring to life new products their audience is destined to fall for. Founded over a merger of classic and contemporary, Boca do Lobo has a strong identity and a defined style. Their success comes from the knowledge of their ancestors, reimagined in a contemporary way through the different eyes and hands that create their products. The brand's fascination lies within creating the unexpected and defying the boundaries between art and design. This fascination sits steadfast within the strong DNA of the company. They stay true to their values, displaying a respect for their past and excitement for a bright and challenging future. Their culture rests on the talent of their daring designers, the tradition of working with noble materials, the wisdom of their artisans, and the love and dedication of their team. It's a combination of all of these things that keeps on pushing Boca Do Lobo to always do and be better. The reinterpretation of the past with a contemporary touch is part of the core values and aesthetic of Boca do Lobo, combining good design with exceptional production skills. The richness and variety of ther cultural heritage with centuries of history couldn’t be more fertile to their designer’s inspiration. Theirs is a unique universe which continues to fuel the creative minds behind the brand. Boca Do Lobo are continuously reinventing themselves, coming up with new concepts, designs, materials and exclusive pieces that have been inspiring and continue to “shake” the design industry.