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Beneath The Shade: Boca Do Lobo's history

Posted on January 26 2018

Boca Do Lobo was born naturally, without any strain, without any obligation, as a need and desire at the same time. That need was to represent Portugal’s talents and crafts. That desire was to create a brand that would endure and flourish through the years into something quite different from the rest. Amândio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhães were two design students who absorbed experience and inspiration from Milan. They returned home with a clear objective: to create a design brand able to break the norms of conventional luxury and find a way to celebrate the use of artisanal techniques by making a tribute to all Portuguese heritage and culture. These were the early beginnings of Boca Do Lobo. Years later, the brand are distinguished with their unique design concept, courage to experiment, and determination too strong to desist. The brand name Boca Do Lobo derives from the Italian idiom “In bocca al lupo” (“into the mouth of the wolf ”). It's an antiphrasis to exorcise any bad luck to a friend, the very same one that brand founders Amândio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhães would wish to each other on their way to university, during exams. From a folkloric and mythological background, the image of the wolf that resides within the brand's name has a decisive role in every narrative of native culture linked with courage, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting. Responsible for creating the most iconic and important brand products, Boca Do Lobo believe that the world is a place to be discovered and enjoyed rather than feared. The brand embrace challenges with the ultimate objective to design and deliver products that enthuse the public. This perspective is both optimistic and deeply audacious.