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Beneath The Shade: Boca Do Lobo's sketches

Posted on November 10 2017

For Boca Do Lobo, furniture is an emotional experience exclusive to every individual, capable of inspiring a state of mind and a sense of belonging like nothing else. The brand strive to encourage these experiences to be sensational, and they achieve this by creating beautiful pieces of design. Inspired and handcrafted by a passionate team who love what they do, envisioned and constructed in Boca Do Lobo’s home of Portugal, these products are created with experience in mind, the feeling of exclusivity woven into their very fabric. Boca Do Lobo’s designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces that stir an emotion in their admirers. Their team has established an artisan’s wisdom, accumulated over years of experience and instilled with love and dedication – all of which is made apparent in the art that they perform. It’s a long process that brings Boca Do Lobo’s designs to life, transposing a single pencil drawing into a piece of fully functional state of the art furniture. The beginnings of these great ideas and creative works lie in their sketches. These drawings are the expression of absolute freedom to discover edgy new concepts and explore new furniture designs, and the brand have shared insight into this process online. In John Ruskin’s words, “all art is but dirtying the paper delicately”. Boco Do Lobo's designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. Their artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. No detail or element is overlooked as they offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to places you have never been before. Each piece reflects a special dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. Elegance and refinement are present in all creation and reveals a timeless passion for creativity. Details are not just details for Boca do Lobo designers. They are the true design. "A great drawer is either confirming beautifully what is commonplace or probing authoritatively the unknown," the brand state. "It is the passion for the new and innovative that inspires Boca do Lobo ‘s designers every day. The true design is the core of Boca do Lobo being."