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Beneath The Shade: Boco Do Lobo’s filigree technique

Posted on November 08 2017

For Boca Do Lobo, furniture is an emotional experience exclusive to every individual, capable of inspiring a state of mind and a sense of belonging like nothing else. The brand strive to encourage these experiences to be sensational, and they achieve this by creating beautiful pieces of design. Inspired and handcrafted by a passionate team who love what they do, envisioned and constructed in Boca Do Lobo’s home of Portugal, these products are created with experience in mind, the feeling of exclusivity woven into their very fabric. Boco Do Lobo is a brand with a particular taste for reviving the past through contemporary methods of practice and design. One of their products that embodies this particularly powerfully is their Filigree mirror. Taking its name from the charismatic jewellery making technique of filigree, the design expresses all the elegance, beauty, and superb craftsmanship that the technique does. The technique of filigree has become iconic in the luxury jewellry heritage. It immortalises the best of the Portuguese culture by telling stories about their people, their customs, and their traditions. Sea, nature, religion and love are some of the most acclaimed themes featured in this jewels. Like a true jewel, Filigree Mirror will make history live inside of your interiors and will become part of your own story. It is a one of a kind piece that embodies the old and noble metalwork technique with a contemporary shine. Such a delicate artistry can only be achieved by the hands of experiment artisans, and requires careful handling and manipulation of silver wiring. All of this is reflected in the beauty of Boco Do Lobo's Filigree mirror. Completely handcrafted, each brass cord is fitted with precision. The Filigree mirror flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art. A true work of art, this luxurious mirror plays tribute to Boca do Lobo’s core values heritage and craftsmanship.