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Beneath The Shade: Brand Van Egmond's design process

Posted on April 07 2017

Brand Van Egmond have always taken the utmost pride in everything they create. Once you've witnessed the creativity and majesty instilled within these designs in the flesh, it becomes instantly obvious why such pride is placed in every product this brand build into being. But how exactly do this brand go about doing that?


For over a quarter of a century, these products were designed by company founder William Brand from his studio in Naarden. All of these designs were exclusive, designed for homes, hotels, specialty restaurants, and various other settings in a variety of locations around the world.

These were lights crafted for both contemporary and classic interiors. Forged with powerful archetypal elements, these designs not only gave out light, but character, sensuality, and sophistication. Such is the caliber that Brand Van Egmond strive for through all their lighting collections and ranges.


Every year Brand Van Egmond bring out a new collection of lighting designs from designers trained in architecture. Now, with more than thirty different collections of timeless elegance, the company are one of the highest regarded in the luxury lighting industry and across the luxury lighting market.

From sketch to production, every step in the creation of these lighting fixtures is conducted by hand. These products are the result of a deeply rooted passion for the craft, and for the nature that inspires them. Bringing the greatest expertise and the most innovative technologies into play, every Brand Van Egmond creation is a labour of love.


The sculptural light objects that Brand Van Egmond create are forged to stimulate the senses and to touch the heart, giving the space they are in a distinct and characteristic sense of identity. Such is the power of these fixtures, as avant garde as they are unique, that they manage to attain this feat.