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Beneath The Shade: Bulb Types

Posted on October 05 2017

Luxury lighting design is created to bring a sense of character, an emotion, and an illumination to a setting. Every aspect, every characteristic, is carefully considered before being chosen to create a certain effect.

The possibilities are endless, the options countless, opening up a world of different choices to bring you to the lighting solution perfectly suited to your lighting needs. But finding that perfect solution isn't always easy.

A recent study by the body that oversees lamp recycling in Europe concluded that across the continent consumers often struggle to tell apart the different types of bulb, often confusing LEDs with incandescents, CFLs, metal halides, and others.

The results of this study might not include the UK, but are believed to mirror the situation across the country. Luckily, here at iLite Lighting, or friendly and knowledgable staff are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

We are here to help you find the luxury lighting solution that suits you. Having built up years of expertise in our field, we bring the knowledge to your space, and together we strive to ensure that your search for the perfect light is a seamless as can be.