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Beneath The Shade: Flos' Design Process

Posted on April 20 2017

The most important thing for Flos throughout their processes of design and manufacture is keeping the energy of the creative moment alive. This is something they maintain from a projects very conception through to its use in your setting.

There is no special way of making prototypes other than the obvious one of being absolutely dedicated to striving to understand what to do and when to do it. So, if a designer approaches Flos with a complex idea for a particular mechanism, which is the very motive and the fundamental component of a project, then the team have to make a prototype that will border on being an engineering prototype. This is done in order to understand if the thing works.

However, if someone turns up with the idea of a light effect on a paper serviette that they saw in a restaurant, then this prototype will revolve around being able to find out how that form of poetry at that particular light moment can be repeated, without resorting to constructing lots of complex prototypes.

Flos' products are true to their designs. Not only that, but Flos remains true to their designers. In the company's initial statute the designer even had the very same right to vote as the entrepreneur in terms of some of the company's strategic choices. It was called the "Image Committee." For this brand, the designers they work with have always been greatly influential from both a historical and cultural point of view.

The alliance, the complicity, the very sense of sharing - not so much of a lamp but more of a vision of what to do in life or at work - these are the things that unite Flos with their designers. The mere fact that they are compensated by royalties (which is true throughout the Italian design world) is what denotes the fact that they are creative and economic 'partners' in everything.

Being partners from a creative, an economic, or a moral point of view is a wonderful adventure, and it's this adventure that Flos try to place in every one of their products. Courage, poetry, and innovation are all key. It's those three things that make this company unique within the whole scenario of Italian design.