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Beneath The Shade: Flos' innovative collaboration history

Posted on April 13 2018

Since it was first founded fifty years ago, Flos Lighting have been ceaselessly pursuing their ambitions of “crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams.” For this company, light is more than illumination. Light is a substance they can use to express new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions. It’s a tool for creativity, a means to convey ideas, ideals, and more besides. Flos use light to write the future, reading their past to inform their expression in the present. It’s a continuous evolution of positive challenges and bold choices that lead to each of Flos Lightings’ designs, and it’s these positive challenges and bold choices that continue to shape the brand’s image and identity as they continue to grow. Flos have maintained their position as contemporary luxury lighting market leaders in a number of ways. The brand continue to recruit forward-thinking designers to find and forge new inspiration. They continue to not only use but also to develop the latest in technology as they design and produce beautiful pieces. This is a brand that makes use of high quality, innovative materials to their best advantage in everything they create, always advancing in their mission to create pieces that shine even when they aren’t turned on. The company was founded when Italian importer Arturo Eisenkeil contacted designers Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni (the sons of the famed Italian sculptor Giannino Castiglioni) about a spray-on plastic he had found that formed a cocoon-like capsule when applied to a frame. A savvy marketer, Eisenkeil knew the substance could be used to make something intriguing. So he joined forces with the Castiglionis, and together they were inspired to coat a metal frame with the substance, with a light inside. This innovative use of new materials to create cocoon lamps was the birth of the company. Staple pieces like the brand's Viscontea suspension light are still sold to this day. Flos have always upheld an ongoing commitment to a bold design aesthetic. This has continued through the band's work alongside and in collaboration with the innovative designers that have been attracted to the brand - of which there's been no shortage.