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Beneath The Shade: Flos Lighting's innovation

Posted on February 14 2018

There are few brands in the contemporary luxury lighting design market that can compete with the legacy of Flos Lighting. With a track history of creating contemporary classic designs that are just as admired as any more traditional creation, Flos have positioned themselves as design innovators and market leaders in the lighting world. Their designs are considered to be among the most iconic pieces of the past, and the brand have achieved this status by consistently seeking out the most forward thinking designers to collaborate with, putting to use the latest technologies in the pieces they design and produce. Using high quality and innovative materials to their strongest advantages, Flos Lighting bring to life designs that continue to shine even when they aren't switched on. Inspired by the culture that surrounds them, and the materials at their disposal, this is a brand with a sense of character that remains completely unique. While 1960’s style is considered a current trend, Flos' history shows that well-designed, quality pieces never lose their significance. From the origins of the company’s first cocoon lanterns, to the reintroduction of the classic Snoopy, to today’s design favorites like Aim and Kelvin, Flos has a track record of creating timeless pieces. The company’s point of view on lighting extends beyond simply creating “nice” designs; their company philosophy states: “We believe that light is more than just a basic need…. It makes sense of the past, it brightens our present, and it lends brilliance to the future.” With that mindset, it’s no wonder designers and consumers alike can’t wait to see what’s next from Flos.