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Beneath The Shade: Flos' philosophy

Posted on April 14 2017

"We can’t innovate without love!" Flos Lighting declare on their website. Indeed, a passion for their work and the designs they create sits at the heart of every fixture they bring to life. It's this adoration and appreciation for their craft that not only makes their products so widely admired, but also pushes the brand to constantly improve, always ensuring they're working with the highest quality of materials and technologies for every design they make.

This is the philosophy - or 'Flosophy', as they humourously term it - that Flos Lighting exist by.

From the very beginning of the process, when the designs are first imagined, first envisioned, first planned out, and first drawn, an intricate amount of care is taken with even the smallest of details. Fueled by their passion for what they do, the designers Flos Lighting work with are creating products they take the utmost pride in, and products you can take the utmost pride in owning. Instilling character with grace, they structure their ideas with a wealth of industry know how.

Mixing technology and poetry, every step of their construction is carried out with the highest level of care. Extensive research is carried out to ensure the right materials are selected to suit the designs, to ensure the right technologies are applied to the right features and functions, and to ensure the right processes are used to fuse all of these together. Flos Lighting deal in the highest of quality, and every single light they make is built to maintain that reputation, challenging the brand as they maintain their standing at the forefront of the luxury lighting market.

It's a longstanding history that Flos Lighting draw from, building on an expertise they are always striving to improve. It's this ceaseless pursuit of quality and their tireless passion that drives the brand. As they explain themselves, it's only through a love for their craft that they can create products that you can adore. Building every product with that emotion, the character their designs offer stands as second to none.