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Beneath The Shade: Flos' Product Development

Posted on April 18 2017

The role of the product development process is pretty apparent from its title. Working as a part of Flos' product development team involves dealing with the development of their brand new products as the latest designs are brought to life.

The work involved in this phase of manufacturing is subject to a considerable variety. Flos describe the beauty of this by saying that each and every design project has its own story to tell. It's because of this that the approach the team take changes and adapts to what the problem or the theme of the moment is.

In changing their approach to suit the project, every design takes on its own lease of life. This sets Flos new challenges every day, and at the same time it requires an enormous urgency to adapt to these new situations. Flos exist in a state of continuous change.

In order to develop the products they're praised for so highly, Flos have brought together a team with a mix of competencies. People gain their competencies from previous work experiences and through their personal inclinations.

Flos know a person is right for their team when they show a considerable curiosity, not just towards everything that surrounds the product, but at the very same time as having a good overall vision of the picture as a whole.

The secret of Flos' successful product development lies in maintaining a constant wonder about the reasons for choices, always considering the whyfors of certain technologies and materials, and a ceaseless pursuit for the most prized solutions.

The result of fifty years worth of history, Flos Lighting is a group that continues to prove itself as both extremely competent as well as fantastic.