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Beneath The Shade: Foscarini's Aplomb

Posted on January 08 2018

.A leading name in contemporary lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting strives to be “free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives.” A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops, and produces “not just lamps but pure emotions,” this brand stands out from the crowd with unmistakable character. Exploring an entire world of materials and solutions, Foscarini Lighting is a designing and technological tour de force. Inspiration is always valued and nurtured at Foscarini Lighting, but the development phase of the brand’s designs can sometimes take years. Progressive research is undertaken with every design, analysing the materials, shapes, processes, and operating modes involved with every design. Each of these factors can have a huge impact on the final product, and through this research Foscarini ensure the best options are chosen for each design – sometimes ever turning out drastically different from the initial concept. Foscarini have shared insight into the creative processes behind their designs and manufacturing of one of their most popular products, the Aplomb light - a design that despite its sleek, industrial look, is entirely handcrafted. First, the liquid concrete is poured several times from one container to another to make bubbles disappear. Then the mixture is poured into the moulds. The result is an irregular and colourful texture on the surface of the mould. The concrete-filled molds are then placed in a heated closet at 35-40 degrees centigrade, where they dry for a few hours. When stiffened, the excess material is removed and the mold gets opened, revealing the funnel of the final product—still to be perfected. To define the piece, the ends are milled—partly with a machine and partly by hand. The surface is pleasantly imperfect and crossed by a constellation of microscopic holes; unique and unrepeatable in each lamp. The next step is sandblasting, which makes the cement extremely pleasant to touch: smooth and silky. Before being sent to the facility that will implement the electrical system, Aplomb is immersed in a liquid that makes it waterproof and easy to take care of. Even when worked through machines, human hands and eyes are present. For such a popular items from a major firm, the evidence of the workers at Crea defines the brand's aesthetics and values.