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Beneath The Shade: Grok's glass blowing techniques

Posted on September 29 2017

Grok Lighting is a subsidiary luxury design branch of Spanish lighting design company LEDS-C4. A major part of the brand’s output, Grok Lighting is where you can find LEDS-C4’s most high end luxury designs.

With over forty years experience to their name, LEDS-C4 specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of lighting solutions. The brand is serving over 13000 customers in 140 different countries around the world.

Operating in the design and creation of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting alike, LEDS-c4 operates with lighting in every segment. They are well known due to the high flexibility concept they pride in their ethos, offering not only quality luxury products, but also ad hoc solutions for specific needs.

LEDS-C4 carry at their core some very straightforward beliefs. “Light is a powerful element to generate feelings and emotions,” they state on their website. “There is no architecture without light.” These ideals have shaped the company’s very straightforward mission.

“We believe in light and in its potential to assist the comfort of people in their different life situations,” they proclaim. The aim is simple: to design, develop, and manufacture high quality luxury lighting products that can and will not only improve a setting, but improve a persons interaction with that setting.

All of this is what inspires and drives Grok Lighting, pushing the brand to create the best they possibly can, always striving to innovate and excel themselves. With so much history to draw from, there's no denying that their techniques and processes are tried and tested, but they also prove to be equally ingenious to boot.

The brand recently shared a video offering insight into one such technique and process. That technique is glass blowing. The artfully shot video presents the artisan craft and attention to detail that Grok Lighting instil into every product they create.

The process is brought to life in the hands of Grok's experienced craftsmen. "Timeless design is based on the bare minimum required for illumination: the light source," the brand illustrate. "multiple configurations allow various lighting needs to be personalised and resolved."