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Beneath The Shade: Lighting Advancements At Nürburgring

Posted on October 06 2017

If luxury lighting seems like an omnipresent part of contemporary life and culture, that's because it is. Lighting is more than furniture or an appliance. This is an industry that often pioneers the way through culture.

One such example of this occurred recently when drivers and engineers at the annual 24 hour endurance contest on Germany's Nürburgring track tried to stay alert by wearing special LED light equipped glasses.

The BMW Motorsport Team was fitted with eyewear that emits a heavy dose of blue frequencies, which are known as a stimulant. Drivers and engineers in the pit and control room donned the glasses before and during the event.

The BMW Motorsport team were also fitted with eyewear that emits a heavy dose of red frequencies. These were used to help drivers relax during their breaks.

This is just one example of advances in lighting research being built upon and adapted into functional products, purpose built to suit the needs of their user. Here at iLite Lighting, that's exactly what we strive to help you find - the lighting design that it perfectly suited to you.