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Beneath The Shade: Lladro's characters in lighting

Posted on May 13 2016

Lladro are a brand most famed for their porcelain figurines. With a history reaching back over half a century, the company have continuously honed their craft. In doing so, they have established an expertise that remains unparalleled. The sense of character they present in their figurines is also a recurring theme in their lighting designs.

Character In Function

Take a look at any of Lladro's table lamp designs and their affinity for character and personality is clear. As well as serving the products function as a lamp, the majority of designs are adorned with statuettes. Either that, or they have a persona built in to their very creation. Take, for example, the brand's Clown design, on which a golden dimmer acts as the character's nose.

Character In Design

Tranquility is another popular design, in which an ornament of a woman in an archway replaces the conventional lamp form. Many further designs feature angels, animals, dancers, mermaids, nature, and more. In expanding their expertise to lighting the brand have simply built upon the foundations they already knew. It's this refined passion that makes their designs so popular.

Character In Ranges

And it's not just in their table lamps. All of Lladro's designs radiate with a warm sense of character. Their Mademoiselle range of pendant lamps are crafted to look like women from a bygone era. Their skirts act as a porcelain shade for the bulbs.

This sense of personality makes Lladro designs instantly recognizable. In the world of lighting, there's no one bringing ornaments to light in quite such a timeless fashion.