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Beneath The Shade: Lladro in Madrid

Posted on March 23 2018

When it comes to porcelain luxury lighting design, Lladro Lighting is one of the most exciting names in the industry. Their designs effortlessly balance between a sense of established luxury and brand new innovation.

Of course, there are few more striking ways to see Lladro Lighting designs than in the way that Lladro Lighting intended them to be seen. Take, for example, the brand’s characteristic showroom in the heart of Madrid, which you can see a photo of above.

This new boutique concept store is housed in a nineteenth-century building within Madrid’s golden mile. Opening its doors on one of the city’s most exclusive shopping streets, the new space conveys the iconic porcelain brand’s DNA in a renovated style.

The new boutique offers the complete range of products, a cross-section of Lladró’s varied catalog, including sculptures as well as jewelry and home decor, fragrances, and lighting. The unique concept of this new space mirrors the manifold facets of Lladró’s creative universe, underscoring the excellence and variety of its pieces. As well as presenting collections of sculptures, High Porcelain, lighting, home décor and fashion accessories, the boutique also highlights the brand’s close bonds with art, crafts, and design.

The key concepts underlying the new design project were luxury and exclusiveness, coupled with its long-standing experience in the field of hand-crafted creations. The initial idea was conceived by the Lladró team and executed by the renowned architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, based in Madrid for over twenty years.

The simple minimalist nature pf the space lend it a contemporary sense of refinement. This design was specifically chosen as it gracefully represents the evolution of a company which is now a benchmark for luxury lifestyles. Each one of the elements used, from the structure to the smallest detail, respond to an artistic interpretation of Lladró’s roots as a way of paying tribute to its legacy.