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Beneath The Shade: luxury lighting trends at Light+Building

Posted on March 30 2018

This year's Light + Building event might be over, but the designs showcased and their lasting impact remain a hot topic all across the luxury lighting industry. Attendees were treated to showcases of the newest and most innovative lighting designs around today. The Frankfurt fair was one of the busiest its ever been, with characteristic designs and creations presented in their best light for the whole world to see. Across the event, several emerging trends found themselves to be the focus of a number of different brands. One of the first things you might notice when looking at, or consider when searching for, a new lighting fixture might be its shape. This year saw a lot of designs finding innovative new ways to bring their structure to life. One of the most popular shapes was circular. Showcased in all manner of different sizes and structures, circles proved very much on trend this year. Another noteworthy trend across the Light + Building event was neon. Bright lights with an ethereal coloured glow proved some of the biggest attention drawers with their contemporary sense of character, style, and flair. Of course, it wasn't all about what feels new. Traditional designs were, as they always have been, a huge part of this year's Light + Building. Classically inspired chandeliers presented themselves with an unparalleled sense of grace and class. Whether simple or embellished, these designs have a longstanding history of popularity that still proves strong today. Scandinavian designs stood as some of the most popular at this year's Light + Building. Comprised of structures constructed using simple lines, drawn together to create something truly impressive, these are fixtures with real character that can be moulded to suit and meet your every lighting need.