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Beneath The Shade: Mantra's philosophy

Posted on April 11 2017

Mantra Lighting create gracefully streamlined designs which radiate a unique personality that makes them stand out from their contemporaries. Placing their trust in the craftsmanship and creativity of their designers, the brand produce designs with distinctive appearance and character that efficiently and effectively illuminate your space.

The philosophy behind their work is very simple. It's what drives the Mantra Lighting to create fixtures that aren't simply a source of lighting, but are crafted with such elegance and beauty without excess ostentation or gaudy style.

Mantra Lighting embody their philosophy in three simple words. These three words together make up a phrase that has decorated and accompanied the brand's image since the company was first founded. They transmit the very processes behind the construction of their designs, behind their inspiration, behind their way of working, and beyond.

These three words are "siente la luz" -  a phrase which hear means feel the light. Mantra Lighting products are forged with feeling in mind. From the feeling of inspiration that influences their very form, through the feeling of passion that guides their very construction, past the feeling of excitement offered through high quality service, to the feelings of character, personality, and wonder these intricately created products instill within a setting.

Siente la luz, or feel the light, is a mentality that has been woven into Mantra Lighting's existence from the very beginning. These are products designed to have an effect on their setting, to add a touch of class, a touch of grace, and a sense of character, as well as serving the function of illumination.