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Beneath The Shade: Masiero's Quality Test

Posted on March 21 2017

You don't get to be industry leaders without maintaining a standard of quality. Whether in the character of their designs, the craftsmanship of their finished products, or the caliber of their service, Masiero Lighting have long stationed themselves at the top of their game. Ensuring they remain there is no easy task, but it's a challenge the brand continue to prove themselves more than capable of living up to.

So how exactly does Masiero Lighting ensure everything they create lives up to this standard? The brand have shared a video offering a humorous insight into the different ways they could put the products they create to the test.

The Product

For this video, Masiero chose to feature their iconic Drylight. This light takes its name from the revolutionary technology that ensures water resistance, impermeability, and also impressive durability. The Drylight also gives strength to a delicate beauty, crafted to bring a sense of majesty to any exterior environment.

Forged using internationally patented technology, this level of distinction combined with durability is insurmountable. Only the Drylight – and its technologies – overcome problems of resistance to stress, wind and impact. The design also boasts impermeability to water, dust and brine. Uniquely light and easy to install, there’s no other product on the market like it.

The Video

"Quality and safety are aspects of our products we take very seriously," Masiero announced on their social networks. "Enjoy this playful video on the testing of our Drylight outdoor chandelier!" While this may not be how they test every product (shooting all the elements towards a fixture isn't perhaps the most practical way to prove its durability), with a nudge and a wink it still manages to showcase the strength of the designs Masiero create.