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Beneath The Shade: Maytoni's Quality Checks

Posted on March 24 2017

Quality is the essence of who Maytoni Lighting are and what they do. It's one of the brand's core values, something they've always striven for, and something they work impressively hard to insure is not only a part of their products, but the very way in which the company operates.

Maintaining this level of esteemed quality is no easy feat, but it's something Maytoni Lighting take an immense amount of pride in. There are a great deal of steps and processes in place to ensure that this high level of quality in everything they do is something that the brand can continue to guarantee time and time again.

The Products

Maytoni Lighting only work with the best-selling chandeliers. By focusing on those designs most valued by their customers and clients, the brand can ensure high quality is delivered at a good speed. Good value for quality and a specialty focus makes these chandeliers a quick turnaround, thereby also improving the quality of the service received.

While the speed of the service is considered of value, the main priority of the brand is the designs they create. These products are brought to life with painstaking care. The attention is in the detail, and it's the detail that matters most.

As an additional feature of their service, Maytoni Lighting welcome custom orders from their customers and clients. These lighting solutions, after all, are going to be used by you. Offering customisation to suit your lighting needs is only natural.

The Control

Maytoni Lighting have established a 3 layer quality control system carried out by quality inspectors, engineers and logistic professionals. They use high quality components to manufacture their lighting fixtures. All of these components meet with international quality standards.

A diagram of the steps Maytoni Lighting take to ensure their quality is not just controlled but also maintained can be found below.