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Beneath The Shade: reinvention in Flos' design

Posted on April 10 2017

Reinvention has always been integral to the luxury lighting industry. It occurs in the reinterpretation of aesthetics to produce the best new designs. It also occurs in the reimagination of processes to create the highest quality products. This industry builds on longstanding experience and expertise to ensure it stands on the cutting edge of culture. One name that constantly push the limits of invention is Flos Lighting.

Inspiration From Invention

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni are famed for their reinvention in design. Having seen how a sprayed polymer plastic fiber was used to protect military vehicles, in 1960 they acquired a patent. They began to think up new applications for the material. Investigating how to scale and modify the polymer spray, the brothers and applied what they learned to lighting. They came up with three of Flos' most influential designs: Taraxacum, Gatto, and Viscontea.

Imagination Made Real

All these designs are constructed using the same manufacturing process. A steel wire frame is sprayed with a polymer resin. When dry, it hardens into a shell that delicately diffuses the light source. These designs defy conventional shapes, with their rigidly shaped wire frames covered by flowing fabric.

Reimagination And Reinvention

The combination of resin and steel took no time at all to capture the imaginations of other designers. A year after the Castiglioni brothers' designs debuted, Tobia Scarpa took the process to the next level with Flos' Fantasma. Forty years on, and Marcel Wanders took the process to new heights with Flos' Zeppelin chandelier. Soon after came Flos' Chrysalis floor lamp.

The brand push their every strength to retain a timeless quality. Flos Lighting's ability to constantly reinvent is what keeps them at the forefront of the luxury lighting industry.