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Beneath The Shade: Searchlight Lighting's Strengths

Posted on June 19 2017

An established and recognised supplier of decorative lighting, Searchlight is a family owned business that was first founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger. Now, supplying to the very best specialist lighting retailers, multi national chains, and distributor partners across the globe, this company is a name that remains consistently on the rise.

Searchlight Lighting excel in the creation of innovative and contemporary lighting designs, supplemented with traditional and modern classics, to meet a vast range of styles, trends, customer requirements, and quality standards to the highest of abilities.

With over 3000 products to their name in a vast range of categories, design styles, and lamp types, Searchlight strive to provide a one stop solution to meet the decorative lighting needs of their worldwide trading partners, clients, and customers. They achieve this by maintaining a number of important company facets.

Heritage and Experience

Having been established for nearly seventy years, and over that time remained debt free and financially stable, with an ever building track record of successful growth as products are reinvested into business, Searchlight are established as a company that you can really trust. A full range designer, manufacturer, and supplier of on trend lighting products, Searchlight are placed to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of the lighting market.

Product Innovation

With an in house team of designers who work to bring over four hundred new and creative products to the market each year, Searchlight prize their innovation. Market and trend research, product development, and creative in house design sit at the heart of their product expertise. Making use of the latest technologies Searchlight are always fully aligned to the latest home fashion trends and influences.

Unbeatable Service

Consistently achieving availability levels of over 98% across their staff, here Searchlight are demonstrably the best within the industry. The company offer unparalleled levels of stock availability and service, with immediate and speedy delivery the brand cut no corners in getting their solutions direct to you.

Supply Chain

Searchlight operate with total control and visibility of their supply chain, quality, price, and design copyright. With a diversity of range, materials, and technical expertise, the company's joint venture allows for consolidation on all orders regardless of location, providing clients and customers with maximum choice and minimum shipping costs.