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Beneath The Shade: Slamp's production processes

Posted on January 15 2018

Here at iLite Lighting, we aim to offer our customers and clients the most comprehensive picture possible when it comes to luxury lighting. To help you better understand some of the designs we offer, it can be important to understand the brand that creates them. Slamp is one such brand: set up with the aim of creating something new and characteristic within Italian design, the company melds an artisan attention to detail with the excellence of industrial production. From design to production and packaging, everything is done by Slamp itself. Logically, it all starts with the design. The quirky, eccentric designs of Slamp come to life immediately. The designers enjoy working with organic shapes, striking colours, and a fascinating light game. Therefore it is no surprise that Slamp has won many prizes for their beautiful designs. The Slamp R&D department looks at how the designers’ creations can be turned into reality. They often use one of their patented materials such as Opalflex and Lentiflex, a very flexible material that does not break. At the same time, the practical element that is so important for end users is also given the necessary attention. As a result, they have developed a unique magnetic suspension system, which makes mounting your Slamp lamp very easy. Quality is very important to the brand. This is one of the reasons why every lamp is handmade. Every design has been designed to be assembled with a snap and click system without using screws. This means the speed at which each lamp is put together is very fast. This way, every lamp is completely ready for the customer. However, it does not stop here. Slamp even pay close attention to the shipment. A specific box was designed for every design so the lamp fits perfectly. This means there is no need to worry that something could go wrong in transit: the order is guaranteed to arrive safely with the customer and in perfect condition.