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Beneath The Shade: Studio Italia Design at Design Shanghai

Posted on April 20 2018

Studio Italia Design is one of the most celebrated names in contemporary luxury lighting the world over. With their unique sense of character, their instantly recognisable creations have become celebrated on every side of the globe. Appearing at Design Shanghai - the biggest international design event in China, held last month - Studio Italia Design presented some of their most revered collections alongside some of their newest innovations to the public, consolidating their presence on the market and creating new horizons in the growing design community in Asia. To learn more about this market, and find out more about the communities invested in and working as a part of it, Studio Italia Design spoke with one of their celebrated design partners. Krislite is a company that has collaborated with a number of international lighting brands and original equipment manufacturers. Having already established an extensive and fruitful relationship between the two companies, both Krislite and Studio Italia Design conversed to exchange their valuable experiences. “Consumers in China have the characteristic of being very selective, but they want to have even more proposals," Krislite Shanghai executive director Lawrence Yap detailed to Studio Italia Design. "We can divide the population into two sections: the older and the younger generation. The first calls for products and design much more classic, but the new generation, so the population under 50, requires a fresher, more contemporary design.” He continued to talk about the partnership his company had with Studio Italia Design from his perspective, and how that could continue to grow. "Studio Italia Design is a great company and I consider myself lucky to have undertaken this partnership," he described. "I see many prospects for the future." He went on to detail exactly why that is. "This is because from what I was able to see at Design Shanghai, the products and design of this Italian brand are very attractive and the younger generation takes these proposals very well and is able to influence even the oldest generation."