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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski's colour play

Posted on August 18 2017

Swarovski Lighting are known for creating the most beautiful and expensive crystal lighting designs in the world. Turning a timeless material into contemporary designs, they remain at the top of the luxury lighting game.

Combining crystal and light, Swarovski Lighting creations are famed for their sparkling wonder. Intricately crafted, each creation is designed with character in mind. From chandeliers to lamps, whether it’s extravagance or simplicity you’re searching for, Swarovski Lighting designs are peerless in their creation.

These designs are ones that set their own trends. Different colours bring designs to life with a different sense of character. Colours are capable of evoking feelings, reflecting personality, and even effecting a state of mind. This is known as colour psychology.

Colour psychology is a field in which there are a multitude of studies. Experts think that the way colour affects us is related to how each colour behaves in nature. Every colour has a meaning in our subconscious, and these come with a series of virtues and values drawn from culture that are related by association.

Every colour has its own capacity for expression, and this is something that Swarovski Lighting are masters of conveying. Swarovski Lighting understand that colour contributes a meaning to each person that perceives it, provoking a unique emotion every time.

By mastering their control of colour, Swarovski Lighting control the emotions their designs instil. This allows you, as a client or customer, to pick and choose the lighting virtue and value that meets your lighting needs.