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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski Foundation and equality

Posted on March 09 2018

"Change is a choice." Such a statement might seem bold, but it's true, and it's one Swarovski live by in a continuous mission to better the culture, society, and indeed the world that they find themselves to be a part of. Having launched a new campaign, The Future Is Equal, in order to not only promote but to create and to cultivate equality and inclusivity, the brand are living by the words they preach and making their own steps towards achieving this goal. One such way they're continuing in their mission for global change is through job training for women. Such things as life skill education, mentoring, and entrepreneurial training can be critical tools for women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Swarovski wants to see change, wants to see equality and inclusivity become the norm. They consider it their duty to do whatever they can to make steps towards this. One such way the brand are making advances in their mission is through partnerships with charities. Together with Street Business School by Bead for Life, Swarovski are establishing programs that help create micro businesses which can lift people out of poverty. Working with Women for Women International, they are bringing women together in a safe space to learn life, business, and vocational skills, increasing their ability to earn an income and pursue their ambitions. Each of these heartening services has been devised to honour the philanthropic spirit of company founder Daniel Swarovski and strive forwards towards a better world. As five generations of his family have led Swarovski forward, empowerment – in all its forms – has been consistent. Swarovski see that this commitment from responsible groups of citizens is how change happens on a worthy scale, and this is exactly what they're working to create.