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Beneath The Shade: Swarovski's Palazzo project

Posted on April 23 2018

Swarovski Lighting are one of if not the leading name in luxury lighting and crystal lighting creations. Having established themselves as a brand more than capable of instilling excellence and grace into every product they make, theirs is a range of designs unlike any other. Existing at the forefront of contemporary lighting culture, Swarovski Lighting are a brand who constantly push themselves to do, make, and be better. Continuously working hard to better their designs, their production processes, and even the world that's around them, this is a company that repeatedly redefine the industry standard. As such, any new design, creation, or project undertaken by Swarovski Lighting is met with excitement. For 2018, the crystal giants are set to provide the full Swarovski experience at Palazzo Serbelloni’s hidden courtyard. Inside a custom-built greenhouse, the Austrian brand will offer a pop-up Daniel’s Café (serving Viennese pastries) and a retail shop. Of course, not everyone can make it to the city of Milan to view the actual project in person. Ever at the forefront of the technologies they immerse themselves in, Swarovski Lighting have shared a unique video showcasing the Palazzo project in all of its glory for everyone to see. A digital tour of the Palazzo Project, first shared on Swarovski's Twitter account, is accompanied by footage of the project itself, presenting the Palazzo project exactly the way the creators intended. You can watch the video below, and visit the project itself in the iconic setting of Milan.