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Beneath The Shade: the switch gear market

Posted on January 22 2018

When it comes to the wiring accessories market, Trendiswitch‘s objective is to bring design led functional products to the worldwide marketplace. This is a brand that believes in the future of the light switch and the plug socket, continuously reinventing the format – with no compromise to usability – in order to create designs that are both contemporary and fresh. As far as Trendiswitch are concerned, regardless of advances in technologies allowing for electronic charging through the air, the majority of appliances will still need to be plugged in and switched on for many years, even many decades to come. Trendiswitch have recently shared some interesting news regarding the switch gear market: the market is set to grow by over 7% between 2017 and 2024. This predicted growth would push the market share to a staggering $90+ billion. This positive growth in the market is being pushed by increased investment in infrastructure and development of countries across the globe, along with the rapid rise of residential establishments trying to meet the outweighing demand. There is also increased refurbishment of aged electrical networks and the push to switch lighting industry to the greener alternatives such as LED lighting, cutting energy bills for users and being greener to the planet at the same time.