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Beneath The Shade: the vibrance of Lladro Lighting

Posted on November 18 2016

Famed for their ornamental creations, Lladro Lighting products boast an unparalleled warmth. Bolstered by their use of colour, the reason this company are able to produce products with such warmth is simple. It's through their choice of material.

"If there's a warm, bright, and evocative glow able to compete with natural light, then that's surely filtered through porcelain."

This is a quote from Lladro expressing how important the material is. The brand have over sixty years of experience nurturing craftsmanship and consummate control whilst making porcelain sculptures. Turning that expertise towards lighting was a natural growth for the brand.

Their unique designs are hand crafted in the company's ateliers in Valencia. They are inbuilt with all the same passion as the sculptures that cultivated their craft. Lladro's goal? To light up the homes of as many people as possible across every continent.

Lladro Lighting cater to every setting. This includes everything luxury designs to suit a contemporary interiors through to majestic creations for grand palaces. Every subtle nuance is forged with intricacy and brought to life as a true original.

Each lamp tells its own story. Such is the detail that goes into these handmade creations. These are energized by the vast array of warm colours, standing in possession of a very potent sense of magic.

Lladro lighting products use the warmth of porcelain as a point of invitation. They recreate a glow akin to natural, organic light. They draw us back to our origins with a delectable sense of splendor.